Who We Are

In the growing world of networking and technology, MyTeachers.in contributes itself as an e-commerce website which lends a hand to the students in the corners of the country by endowing them an online platform to direct their desired study course materials with simplicity and straightforwardness to achieve the heights in their upcoming tests and triumph in future!


The story lies within the journey of students.

We’ve come so far as students who grew up to be professionals. The scars of facing unnumbered hindrances have encouraged us to come up with this platform. The platform bestows the students pursuing their chosen courses to find their required study materials  which would eventually assist them in moulding themselves in the best possible ways for opportunities that lay ahead. In the generation of immense growth of  technology and the growing influence of networking via internet , the utility through mobile devices and search engines has topped the charts in the recent years. The growth in education content consumption on YouTube has hiked up to four times in the past year. Such events incite to the birth of MyTeachers.in.


Our sole mission in this deed is to make the study materials accessible to the students and to make an uninterrupted connection between the  strong education aspirants and the teachers. In the best possible way.

In a nutshell, our mission is straightly technology driven and student centric!


Our vision lay in our insight.

Our vision is to become a principal education centric company in India. Gradually, we look forward to prioritize students and keep their requirements and needs in vanguard.


We are here to surface a way for the aspiring students as well as for the teachers to gain guidance from the inspiring experts to prepare for their exams and vend their books, video lectures and further study materials correspondingly through the medium of internet. We are being a mediator in connecting the students to the teachers obliquely  wherein the benefit is gained both ways.


Our mission is deficient without our team!

We bring all distinguished teachers’ study materials for the students who are preparing  for  CA, IIT-JEE, etc. These  resources  comprise  of books, notes, video lectures, questionnaire and so forth. The students can voluntarily select his/her preferred study material and place order on the website. The order is shipped or delivered at the doorstep within the required shipping days. Taking the concern of teachers’ edge, the teachers are liable of registering themselves on our website to their their ideas and experiences in the form of their products. Furthermore, facilities for recording  obliging videos are provided (later for selling purposes)

Inclusively, it is a dual sided victory!